Seeing the greatness in everyone. Giving those with disabilities the chance to show their abilities. In the workplace. As Elizabeth Gilbert intended when she founded our organisation in 1854. Her blindness inspired her vision of work for all. To this day, we don’t see disability. We see workability.

Because working lifts lives. In raising self-esteem, in increasing confidence, in building independence, work works. So we can create communities, cherish personalities and give friends and family some freedom. For people whose dream job is a job, we make every Monday not just a new day but a new start. We are a place where people find their place. A place where people who can, do. A place where people are paid not just in money but in meaning something more. Making our products makes a difference.

So does buying them. It buys a working day for those who have been overlooked.

And at CLARITY & Co., that’s what we work for.

Every working day.